My name is Shannon Wheeler

I capture, create and export...

I am a content creator from Bedford County Virginia.

Always been amazed by video, actually capturing something special, maybe never to be captured again. I like calling them MONEY shots!!

Enough with the dramatic words, I love running the camera and also love being in front of the camera. I feel that video is a good way to capture life… and the good thing about it is you can replay it as much as you want.

I like being involved in many things, just because I never want to have idle time. Love the hustle.

I have my own YouTube channel called “Dude Lets Fish” where I vlog my outings and talk about fishing trying to capture as much as I can with a random clip of something totally opposite of fishing. I have a passion for music which I’ve played semi professional my whole life and even create music for my YouTube videos… it’s fun.

But my most important thing to me is my FAMILY, married for 21 years to my beautiful wife Jenny for which we have 2 amazing daughters Brooke & Emma, usaully you can find me with them if I’m not playing music, filming or fishing.

I film everything from weddings to professional bass fisherman, there is nothing I won’t do (almost)

Hollar at me if you have any questions about my services, I do a bit of everything in the creative field and not opposed to take on anything.